Sep 16, 2013

Folding Experiments

I started thinking again about my printed portfolio and the business cards I have to make for myself. While making a portfolio book I suddenly thought: it might be much nicer to have a big folded piece of paper with an arrangement of work on it. One could unfold it and it would be like a poster one could put on the wall instead of shutting a book and putting it away again. And looking at business cards I realized that I do remember much more the cards, where there is something done to the paper than the cards with a nice picture on it. 
A business card could/should feel like a little present you can feel and play with. At least that's what makes me remember certain business cards. So I started to do some folding experiments to find out which ways of foldings:

- have an interesting shape when they are closed/opened
- leave a nice trace of lines when they are opened
- are easy to fold up again
- fit into the wallet (business cards)

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