Apr 8, 2013

Maand 2 + 3

This month we worked together with the Designpolitie on What Design Can Do !
We made a stopmotion film, where I also play a part in as one of the 'red people' :-)

We made the photograph for the new It's festival poster!
Check it out:

We worked many days for the chinese market of Akzo Nobel.

Made free work together with kamer465 (a styling-office we work a lot with) in Rotterdam.

And photographed Anne van der Zwaag in her beautiful home!

There was much more but I can't mention everything we do, it's a lot! Lot of different things :-)
I meet a lot of exciting people - just met Nicolette Brunklaus! We had a shooting day with her and her husband. Check out the snapshots I made on her blog:

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