May 8, 2013

When I'm Wearing Make Up

The new single by Stefany June is now available on i-tunes. I'm busy making the images for her singles and designing the special edition of her upcoming album.

Before the big day...

I am planning a shoot at the moment about the theme "death". Trying to develop a new kind of image for this theme. I want to make a story telling series of photographs. A lot of planning and organisation has to be done for this and it's very exciting, because it's the first time I will try to set up a shooting as big as this one. Time to make some great portfolio-work as long as I'm still able to use the studio at my internship!
Beneath are some testshots I made.

1000 Photos Amsterdam

My prints for the exhibition in the Melkweg Galerie Amsterdam.
Kindly sponsored by Fotolab Kiekie.

Maand 4 + 5

We were shooting the image for Boukje Schweigman's show "Blaas"
See the result here

We had the honor to portrait Anthon Beeke!

We were busy on the filmset of the new ZIGGO commercial.

And developed the first analog 8x10 polaroid with Arjan's new technical camera.

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