Aug 22, 2013

Deliberating: my first paid job as a photographer

The night before I have not slept well...and the next morning I was far more nervous than I thought I would be!
But as you can see from the results above - it went fine :)
The people were so nice, honest and warmhearted and our main model Katrin extremely talented!
I learned a lot and want to share it with you!

  • 1. one speedlite and one reflector screen is not enough light for a big room 
  • (thank god, there was this smaller room in the building which already had beautiful natural light!)
2. shooting a group is much more difficult than shooting one person - be very clear in giving directions 
(otherwise one person will look into the camera, the other one doesn't, another person smiles, the rest is serious xD )
  • 3.  Take something with you to cover distracting things in the room
  • (I had a white sheet with me)
4. Don't forget the details
(I realized that sometimes I was so busy with having the right camera settings, that I missed out on some details, such as clothing related issues, someone still having a watch on, etc. )

But to sum up - it was great working together with people who are passionate about what they do!
These photographs were made for the pilates/yoga/beauty studio of Katrin Mieling.

Model: Katrin Mieling and employees
Art Director: Ina Bode
Visagie: Betty Amrhein
Photography: Nicole Pietruschka

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