Jul 17, 2012

The New ArtEZ T-Shirt (updated)

Wow! The new ArtEZ shirt is going to be printed with my design!
ArtEZ has chosen grey t-shirts and they want to print the design in black, magenta and yellow.

Thanks to everybody who supported me!

Jul 6, 2012

we are losing it

                                                           We are losing it...

                                               the lightheartedness of a child,
                                               the light-footedness of a child,
                                               the fearlessness of a child,
                                               the adventuresomeness of a child,
                                               the happiness of a child...

                                               Try your best to keep it.

Jul 1, 2012

ArtEZ T-shirt Design (2)

I was asked to adjust my design for the new ArtEZ-T-shirt.
They wanted to keep their original ArtEZ logo, so I removed my version of it and made a new composition
with the known ArtEZ logo and changed the color into a bright yellow!
Hope the students like it, if you do - please vote :-).

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