Feb 29, 2012

Manual 'Finger-Cut'

We had to make a photo-manual with 7 steps, showing what to do if you cut your finger.
The photographs had to be black and white and we could use 3 additional colours (blue, red, yellow), but I didn't think they were necessary for my series.

Jack Johnson Design Update

Feb 15, 2012

Improvement of PP-sheet

We had the assignment to improve a Power Point sheet that was a little messy ;-) .
Here comes my improved version:

Feb 11, 2012

Record Sleeve

We had the assignment to design the front and the back of a record sleeve.
It should be for a single and it was not necessary, that there is actually a single of the song we choose.
So I have chosen Major Minus by Coldplay, my favourite band :-) .

Feb 8, 2012

De nachttrein

Yesterday when I was on my way home and it was dark outside already, I saw the train driving slowly parallel to the bus I was sitting in. I thought that it was beautiful to watch and then I realized, that it's actually just those yellow rectangles I see and the silhouettes of people inside the train. Everything else was dark or unimportant to me. So also in order to keep remembering what I have learned in flash, I had to make this simple animation.

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