Sep 25, 2012

ik ben Ben

Campaign from 1999, clearly inspired by Richard Avedon.
On the top you see two of my versions.

No Fun To Be Sick

portraits in the style of Richard Avedon

Sep 24, 2012


1.step: research: how does the Bar Le Duc Logo look like in different situations,
where has Bar Le Duc it's origins,
how do other brands with the same kind of product do it?

2. step: what kind of tonality is Bar Le Duc trying to have and what kind of typography fits to that tonality?

3. step: playing with three typefaces I considered would fit Bar Le Duc's tonality.

4. step: logo-design.

explanation: I got very much inspired by the ground-stone of the city Bar Le Duc (on the research paper)
it made me understand where the strong capital letters came from and the goose feather got my attention.
There is a feather on the ground-stone and I read that Bar Le Duc is known for it's delicacy jam.
In the jam making process a goose feather is used to get the stones out of the berries.
So I liked the idea of using the feather to show that the Bar Le Duc water is a delicacy, too.
My concern about my interim end-result is, that people could maybe read Le Bar Duc, if they haven't known the brand before.

Sep 1, 2012

Abstract Photography

Fascinating stained glass and the world behind it.
I realized, that I enjoy taking abstract pictures very much!

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