May 30, 2012

Anton Chekhov - Three Sisters

These are my first photographs of a serie that is inspired by the first chapter of Anton Chekhov's story 
"Three sisters" (1900-1901). 

May 18, 2012

Yellow in New York City

New York - The way I saw it

Since of course many people want to know how my journey to New York has been, I decided to write about it on my blog. Where should I start? New York - wow! It was impressive, loud, intense, busy, friendly, exciting, inspiring, stressfull, relaxing and beautiful! Some of these words are contradictory, I know. Let me explain. What did I love the most about New York? The people and the atmosphere there would be my first answer. Followed by the impressive architecture, the many special places, the thing New York does to you and most of all - the fruit ;-) !! I loved the fruit there! That was the most delicious pineapple I have ever eaten! And you can get fruit there everywhere, I ate a lot of it.
Almost everyone I had the chance to get in contact with in New York was very friendly and helpfull! You never feel lost! The grid system is awesome! With the metro it is so easy to get everywhere very quickly and you always have an idea where in New York you are, when you find out on which street and avenue you are standing on. Oh before I forget! I want to recommend a great restaurant in New York! My friend Karoline and I have been there three times, because the food is delicious, not that expensive and they have a big choice out of different things to eat and the yummiest fruit :-) !! It was called Variety Café and was located on W48, near the Rockerfeller Centre. Other impressions about the people in New York: There are a lot of joggers and dogwalkers! That was nice to see, you can find them especially in Central Park of course. It is more likely there for people, who don't know each other, to talk to each other. They are interested in each other and many of them ask you, where you're from. It feels like everyone kind of feels bonded with each other, because it's rare to find someone in New York who is actually from New York. I talked to a woman, who was born in Amsterdam and the man I bought my breakfast at has been to Frankfurt etc. . Now about the stressing and realxing part. New York is a very busy city. There are really a lot of people and cars running around and it can be stressfull to get from A to B walking through the city, because when you stop, you will always stand in someones way. But that makes you worship the more quiet and relaxing spaces even more, which was a great experience! Some of these places for me were the Central Park, that is the biggest relaxing spot of the whole city and it's gorgeous to see all the people enjoying their free time, lying on the grass, walking their dog, jogging, enjoying time with their children or finding their very own little spot near to a tree, reading a book. Another great place to calm down for me was the Metropolitan Museum. There you could walk around almost on your own along really great pieces of art, you could sit down in many places and just enjoy the view. It is nothing like the MoMA, where you have to wait in line to get in there and then run through very crowded rooms where there is no possibility to sit down and enjoy the art at all. And the third place I would like to mention is sitting in the Metro. I enjoyed that a lot. It is not that fun, when the metro is very crowded and you have to stand, but it never takes long, these trains are really fast. But when you have the oppurtunity to sit and just enjoy the people surrounding you, it's a great place to relax for a moment. One time when I was sitting in the metro, a group of older, black men stepped into the train and started singing. They had beautiful voices, were singing in harmony and one had a bag with something in it, that he used as a shaker. That was just a fantastic moment. And then they were just walking in line singing and getting out of the metro again. Beautiful people. Oh I almost forgot one very important place, I liked a lot! Sitting on the stairs on the Time Square at night! That's the place to sit in the middle of all the bustle and just let it work on you and enjoy the view. Furthermore I enjoyed walking the Brooklyn Bridge, unfortunatelly it is being under construction at some parts at the moment, but it is a beautiful bridge and it gives you already a nice view of the skyline. An even better skyline-view you get from the Staten Island ferry which will take you to staten island for free and back to Manhattan (see photograph above). And what was absolutely stunning was standing on the balcony of the Empire State building! That was so breathtakingly beautiful! I have been up there at the sunset, so I enjoyed seeing the city with the setting sun and later the city with it's luminious appearance at night. I spend a lot of time on the 86th floor. I just couldn't leave, I have never seen something like it before. I do not recommend to go up to the 102nd floor. It is a small room up there, you cannot go outside and you see nothing really more than from the 86th. It's waisted money, I did the mistake. Well, I gess, that was pretty much an impression of my visit to New York! If there still are questions, don't hesitate to ask :-).

May 3, 2012

May 1, 2012

Hearing New York

This is my first time making an audio-piece with Garage Band.
A movie for the song will follow!
Special Thanks to my brother (click here for his website),
my boyfriend and Megan <3 !

15-minute stories

In class, we had to write stories in 15 minutes about August, 15th, 2012.
Everyone went into the holidays with 2 stories of someone else and now we had to make one illustration for each story. At the end, we will make a book out of all the stories and drawings :-) .

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