Jun 21, 2012

analog New York

walk the way

having a little chat 

jogging away the sorrows

experiencing infinity

enjoying simplicity.

same place, different world

framing cultures

the pace of New York

a city goes green

hop on, hop off

end of the line

will you marry me?

withdrawal symptoms

withdrawal symptoms from Nicole Pietruschka on Vimeo.

Jun 14, 2012

Nicole's Foodbar

There it is! My first free online flashgame!
Music and Sounds made by Bartosch McCarthy, my brother!

Jun 12, 2012

Project: Esherick House (Finish)




I gave every room of the house a different color and then painted the different views with aquarell paint, so the layers of colors would not completely cover each other.
The paintings are made true to scale.

Children's Plate Design

This are my handdrawn designs for a series of 6 plates, for dutch children in the age of 7-10.
The plates should help the children to have fun learning about healthy and unhealthy food and make them want to eat the healthy ones.

ArtEZ T-shirt Design (Updated)

This is my design for the upcoming ArtEZ-T-shirt! Tomorrow I will try to print it on a shirt myself, if I succeed in that, a picture will follow!

As you can see, I succeeded! It's cut out on flock and printed on the shirt.
Several things went wrong. The size of the print is smaller, than I wanted it to be, the color is different, than the one I had thought of and the small text letters were torn apart by the plotter, because it's knife wasn't enough sharp anymore. But that doesn't matter, because it was a great experience to do that and it's a lot of fun to wear something I have drawn myself! And should my design be chosen for the real ArtEZ-Shirt, than it will be a silkscreen print and it will turn out fine :-) .

ArtEZ students - Please let me know what you think of it!

Jun 9, 2012

I cannot...(2)

I cannot... from Nicole Pietruschka on Vimeo.

New Food

Post Nr. 100 !

Subject: New Food
Subscription: Create a proposal for a totally new food from one of the following categories:
- Blue Food (blurring the line between candy and food)
- Fun Food (surprising or entertaining food)
- Mood Food (has influence on the users mood)
- Beauty Food (for example sweets for shining teeth)

Jun 4, 2012

Broken Treasures

I had the assignment to film an object of desire and then make a movie (max.1min.) with own music and information about the object.

Jun 3, 2012

Anton Chekhov - Three Sisters (2)

This is the result of my second photoshoot for Chekhov's story "Three Sisters". I experienced that it is much harder to empty a space so there is nothing that distracts the viewer's eye, than to find attributes to fill a scene with.

Anton Chekhov - Three Sisters (sketches)

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