Jun 12, 2012

ArtEZ T-shirt Design (Updated)

This is my design for the upcoming ArtEZ-T-shirt! Tomorrow I will try to print it on a shirt myself, if I succeed in that, a picture will follow!

As you can see, I succeeded! It's cut out on flock and printed on the shirt.
Several things went wrong. The size of the print is smaller, than I wanted it to be, the color is different, than the one I had thought of and the small text letters were torn apart by the plotter, because it's knife wasn't enough sharp anymore. But that doesn't matter, because it was a great experience to do that and it's a lot of fun to wear something I have drawn myself! And should my design be chosen for the real ArtEZ-Shirt, than it will be a silkscreen print and it will turn out fine :-) .

ArtEZ students - Please let me know what you think of it!


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