Mar 17, 2012

8bit Design Contest

I'm participating in a design contest on deviant art at the moment!
The task is to make an 8bit-design on a hoody, which will remind us of the good old games!
One may use only two of the five printable areas and one may not use fanart with copyright on it.
If you like one or more of the designs I made, please go to deviant art (see links below) 
and vote for my design :-D !

Mar 14, 2012

First Game Sketches

We have the assignment to design and make a flash-game. My game's name will be "Nicole's Foodbar".
You can choose between 3 characters who are waiting for their food to arrive. When you click and choose one of the characters, you will see an animated introduction, which shows an explosion in the kitchen.
Because of the explosion, food comes flying towards your character, who has his mouth open, ready to catch all the food. But be carefull! Every character likes different food! If you make him/her eat something he/she doesn't like - you will loose some points.

Mar 9, 2012


We had to redesign this poster.
I did not make my advertisement for Solidarit├ęs though, but referred to something that I think is geniously done concerning this important subject!
Here you can see my design (I'm sorry that it is not able to watch it full sized, I know it's hard to read that way; it get's a little bigger when you click on it) :

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