Sep 18, 2011

Sep 15, 2011

Still Life

After deeper thinking about the word stilllife and it's possible meanings, I liked these two images next to each other. I thought about "still life" in the meaning of quiet, not making any sound. And I thought about "still alive". Since I believe, that there is something after death and that the soul of a dead human being is still alive, I went to the graveyard to take some pictures.

Sep 9, 2011

New Beginning

Tijdens een paar fantastische dagen met mijn nieuwe studiegenoten en docenten in Buurse is deze foto ontstaan (behalve de foetus natuurlijk).
Symbool voor mijn start met de opleiding ACD :-) .
I now realise, that this is pretty much a photographic stilllife (first assignment from Miep), also literally - a living creature, not being able to make itself being heard, yet.

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