Jul 16, 2013

The Big Day (Weekend)

You might remember the earlier blog-post "before the big day".
Well this day has just passed and it was a great and exciting experience!
The day actually became a weekend, because there were so many things to prepare. With my two wonderful and indispensable helpers, I bought 140kg of soil and a huge bouquet of flowers. We built the set, made a lot of testshots and rethought the consequences of composition for the content of the story.

Of course there were moments of desperation, because there are so many things to consider and think about...

I made a series of sketches to help me visualize my thoughts and remind me during the shoot of what I have planned.

And finally...to give you a sneak sneak preview...

We had a really great day with our wonderful, experienced model Annemarie, 
who made this shoot such a joyful experience!
The post-processing which starts now, will take quite some time,
 because I want to make sure to get the best out of it.

Stay tuned!

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