Jan 15, 2013


This assignment was about designing a new packaging for a dutch product.
I have chosen to do this with the product milk. I went to a farmer to learn more about the process of milking and the way milk has to go until it stands in a can on our breakfast table.
I did a lot of research about milk and found out, that scientists say it might even be very bad for us to drink more than 300ml of milk a day.
That made me not just inventing a new packaging but also a new product called MELKMIX which in english would be MILKMIX. I wondered why there is no mixture of different kinds of milk in the supermarkt.
So my product gives you the ability to check on how much you drink in a day, because one bottle is 300ml and you shouldn't drink more than one bottle, if you believe the scientists. If the bottles are empty, you just go back to the MELKMIX automat in the supermarkt. It will clean your bottles and refill them quickly. The milk is a mixture of acidophilus-, cow-, and goatmilk. 

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