Feb 18, 2014

Reincarnation Of The Forgotten

I have been struggling a lot with my ideas for the final exam.
A year ago I already had the thought, that I wanted to do something with reincarnation.
So I planned a photo-shoot to capture a circular path of falling and rising embodied by a beautiful elder woman. I had thoughts about a circular exposition of these photographs, but it didn't seem enough for me to graduate with.

I got really stuck thinking about what else I wanted to do to enrich this exhibition.
After a while I realised that what I had created in my mind was much more about death than about a new life. This is not what I intended. I wanted to talk about a new life, a second chance, a reincarnation - from old to new! So I got more and more unsatisfied with my original idea.

Looking at what I actually wanted to say, it sounded to me much like recycling.
I got excited again once I decided to focus on the recycling of human material which we produce and waist while living such as hair, nails, blood, etc. . But starting my research, I found out that exactly that has been done a year ago as a graduating project in Eindhoven.

I needed another mentor talk. Bas and I were throwing around with thoughts, trying to catch something interesting. First, we weren't very successful...
But then he went away to come back with coffee and a genious idea!

A new project is born. After brainstorming about it on my own later on, I realised I can form this project into something I really want to do and it even connects to my work in the past, thinking about my exposition "Forgotten People". 

I want to have a look now at forgotten books and/or songs and be inspired by their first sentence, because that is their birth, the new beginning, the entrance to their world. I want to reincarnate those forgotten pieces that someone, sometime made with love, by translating the words into images (most likely photographs).

I'm excited to start on this with a complete fresh mind :)

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